Lowly Nets Send Knicks to 41st Loss


Knicks forward Kristaps Porzingis, who had 19 points, picked up a foul after sending Nets guard Jeremy Lin crashing to the floor from the fourth quarter as well as landing a foot on the chest of Derrick Rose.

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Knicks forward Kristaps Porzingis slumped his 7-foot-3 body into a chair in a dour visitors’ locker room at Barclays Center on Sunday as well as went about examining the latest turbulence in his team’s chaotic season. He had plenty of material, however little clarity.

The Knicks had just absorbed their 41st loss — a 0-112 defeat to the dismal Nets (12-53) — to ensure a fourth straight nonwinning season.

The Knicks (26-41) continued to run their offense haphazardly, even as they delved deeper into the triangle system, the offense made famous by the Chicago Bulls as well as the Los Angeles Lakers when they were coached to championships by Phil Jackson, right now the Knicks’ president.

The Knicks’ defense was so poor which seven Nets scored in double digits, led by Brook Lopez with 25 points, including six 3-pointers. The Nets’ win ended their home losing steak at 16 games.

The Knicks have lost three straight games as well as several of six. Whatever playoff hopes they had at the All-Star break have all however drained away. With the seventh-worst record from the N.B.A., the Knicks might as well be counting lottery balls for the draft.

In recent weeks, they have turned their focus to the triangle offense to try to salvage their season as well as build for the future. The pace-as well as-space system, which Coach Jeff Hornacek tried to introduce in October, while juggling the triangle, right now seems so distant.

Hornacek has tinkered, nearly endlessly, with his defense as well as offense all season, trying to find answers to the team’s problems.

“We’ve been switching things up,” Porzingis said, adding: “We never played like we wanted to. which was always kind of like: ‘Oh, maybe This kind of will work. Maybe This kind of will work.’ We were kind of looking for stuff.”

Sunday night, which continued. The Knicks hit just 41.5 percent of their field-goal attempts. One night after Carmelo Anthony took just nine shots in a loss to the Pistons, he took nine from the first quarter as well as 26 in all. He made just 10 as well as scored 27 points. Porzingis added 19 points as well as 10 rebounds.

“We don’t know the triangle which well,” he said. “We’re very basic in what we do.”

Porzingis made an attempt to paint the loss with optimism, even as Anthony said which tempering frustration would likely be the team’s biggest remaining challenge.

Porzingis mentioned a saying — a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor. however just a few breaths earlier, he had conceded which confusion reigned with these Knicks.

“by top to bottom,” he said. “Everything. A lot of stuff which’s not clear. So which’s hard to play.”

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