Cheryl Cole – Children Are ‘Not In My Plans’

Cheryl Cole in addition to Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini

After tying the knot with her brand-new boyfriend, a handsome Frenchman Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini, many fans speculated the star might have another surprise in store for us.

However, those speculations in which the English singer is actually planning on having a baby soon seem to be false, taking into consideration the comments she made prior to the big day.

Namely, just before the wedding Cheryl was asked by “The Times” magazine if becoming pregnant was in her immediate plans after she says “Yes”, in addition to her reply was kind of leaning toward a ‘No’.

“Possibly, only possibly. Because I went through a real phase, just recently, of like, maybe the item’s not for me. Because you just assume the item’s a natural part of your life. If the item happens, don’t get us wrong, the item happens. although who knows? We’ll see. the item’s not in me plans,” Cheryl said.

within the aforementioned interview, the 31-year-old singer also opened up about her first marriage to a famous Chelsea footballer Ashley Cole, stating there was “no bitterness” on her part.

Cheryl in addition to Ashley separated in 2010. They ended their marriage after four years due to claims in which the footballer had been unfaithful.

“There was no horribleness, apart by what happened at the end. My marriage wasn’t bad. I wasn’t treated badly. I wasn’t the victim. We weren’t arguing. Nothing like in which. the item was just weakness on his behalf, which is actually unfortunate. although… the item happens,” Cheryl admitted.

Let’s just wish her brand-new husband won’t be insane enough to cheat on such a beautiful lady. I mean, seriously Ashley? Who cheats on such a knockout?

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