Jennifer Lopez along with Maksim Chmerkovskiy – Something is usually Definitely Going On


At Sunday’s 2014 Young Hollywood Awards in L.A., Burke spilled the beans about her “Dancing With The Stars” co-dancers. She talked about their fresh love life along with the dancer admitted she thinks Maksim Chmerkovskiy along with Jennifer Lopez just might be Hollywood’s hot fresh couple.

“Maks is usually a talented, talented young man. He’s a great guy. He seems like he’s like This particular hardcore Russian nevertheless he’s genuinely a sweet, soft big bear. I’ve known him for 10 years,” Cheryl told the reporters.

The Russian dancer has recently been doing headlines for his mysterious romance with J.Lo. The two were apparently introduced via a mutual friend.

“I’m not denying which we’re all not friends. We’ve definitely all hung out through Leah Remini, obviously. They’re best friends,” Burke said of Remini, who competed on “Dancing With The Stars” last year.

When asked about Chmerkovskiy along with Lopez, along with about the possible hot fresh romance between the two dancers, Burke replied:

“They’re beautiful people, yeah. nevertheless at the end of the day which’s more about the inside. which’s more about how they are going to get along along with if they match well together. She’s so busy, he’s so busy, you never know. nevertheless if they fall in love, amazing!” sincere was their co-star.

We certainly couldn’t agree more with Cheryl. Keeping our fingers crossed for the two.

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