Afrobeat musician’s longest-note attempt falls flat

Afrobeat musician’s longest-note attempt falls flat

Femi Kuti performing at Womad in 2012

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London-born Femi Kuti has played the saxophone since he was 15 as well as performed around the entire world

The Afrobeat musician Femi Kuti was celebrating in which weekend after thinking he had broken a world record for the longest single note played on a wind instrument.

At a concert in Lagos, the Nigerian star held 1 note on his saxophone for 46 minutes as well as 38 seconds, the Pulse NG website reports.

He managed in which through circular breathing, a technique whereby you breathe in continuously through your nose while sustaining the tone of a note.

Mr Kuti celebrated the feat soon after, thinking he had broken the 45-minute record set by Kenny G in 1997.

Unfortunately, however, the idea turns out the record is usually actually held by another musician, Vann Burchfield, who held a note for 47 minutes as well as 5.5 seconds in 2000.

The news has only given the star a completely new target to aim for. On finding out, he tweeted: “If in which is usually so, then like I’ve said we will work to achieve the 50min mark. No wahala [problem]. I believe I’ve still got a bit more energy in my tank.”

Even if he hasn’t broken the record yet, his family are still proud of him. “Femi did the idea at 55 years old. Not exactly a spring chicken,” his sister joked in an Instagram post.

“Age not too much on my side although through music we can show possibilities are endless into trying to reach great heights in one’s life time,” he said. as well as he’s got encouragement:

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