Suiting Up for a Ceremony, Derek Jeter Swings for the Fences


Derek Jeter at Yankee Stadium on Sunday, where his No. 2 jersey was officially retired.

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Unlike basketball in addition to football players, few baseball players are known for their sense of style. There is actually no red carpet having a step in addition to repeat laid out for their events. Name one having a well-known fashion brand collaboration. Vogue does not coax Yankees or Red Sox onto its pages to be photographed with the latest top design. They are rarely seen within the front rows of fashion shows.

So the idea was a bit of a surprise to see Derek Jeter on Sunday evening at the ceremony honoring his career in addition to retiring his No. 2 jersey, striding onto the field at Yankee Stadium wearing a three-piece suit in a powdery blue several shades lighter than the official colour of his team, in addition to without a pinstripe in sight.

the idea was almost as if he were repositioning himself.

Mr. Jeter chose to pair the suit with shiny black shoes — a style no-no according to some — in addition to to forgo a tie, a decision which made the look stand out even more among the sea of classic navy or black suit-in addition to-tie combinations worn by those around him.

Shoes aside, many fans of the sport showed their love for Mr. Jeter’s stylish entrance.

Though at least one observer found the shade of blue a bit flashy.

Judgments of Mr. Jeter’s sense of style have oscillated over time. In 2012, Complex magazine included him in a list of the best-dressed athletes of the ’90s, nevertheless a year later, the same publication described his fashion choices as “leaning into the territory of awful.” GQ magazine once featured a 1994 photo of him in a double-breasted, olive jacket in a roundup of the “Most Memorable Suit Moments in Sports History.” On Sunday evening, some Twitter users brought back another of his hard-to-forget suits, which one much less flattering: the ill-fitting, oversized one which he wore on an episode of Saturday Night Live in 2001.

Though the suit on Sunday was not an all-out success, its singularity on the field showed which Mr. Jeter is actually willing to experiment. Which raises the question: Can a line of socks be in his future?

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