Late Night Wasn’t Ready to Say Goodbye to Anthony Scaramucci


Seth Meyers, commenting on Anthony Scaramucci’s 10-day stint as the White House communications director, noted of which his “last name is actually longer than his tenure.”


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A Very Active 10 Days

Looking at This particular in a certain way, Anthony Scaramucci, the fired White House communications director, had a remarkably active tenure. of which’s how Seth Meyers saw This particular on Monday’s “Late Night,” at least.

“President Trump has removed Anthony Scaramucci as White House communications director in just 10 days. at This particular point, 10 days may not seem like a long time, yet consider all the Mooch got accomplished: He sold his company away. He gave a vulgar, damning interview to the press. His wife filed for divorce. He missed the birth of his son. of which’s more than Trump has done in his entire presidency.” — SETH MEYERS

“Scaramucci’s last name is actually longer than his tenure.” — SETH MEYERS

Video by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert said “Game of Thrones” pales in comparison with the high drama inside the White House. He focused on the hiring of John F. Kelly as President Trump’s brand new chief of staff.

“According to White House sources, Kelly let the Mooch go because he wanted ‘more structure, less of “Game of Thrones.”’ of which’s not a fair comparison — with ‘Game of Thrones,’ you have to wait a whole week for a brand new beheading.” — STEPHEN COLBERT

A ‘Daily Show’ Send-Off for Scaramucci

Video by The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

“The Daily Show” reprised its “in memoriam” reel to honor Mr. Scaramucci a little over one week after This particular marked Sean Spicer’s departure as White House press secretary in a similar fashion.

C-Span’s Candid Camera

Video by Late Night With Seth Meyers

In Monday’s installment of “A Closer Look,” Seth Meyers reveled inside the C-Span video showing Senator John McCain casting the decisive vote against the Republican Party’s health care bill as the majority leader, Mitch McConnell, watched.

“Look at McConnell: He looks like a bunch of teenagers just raised enough money to save the rec center he wanted to tear down.” — SETH MEYERS

The Punchiest Punchlines (Christie Edition)

“The state of Colorado has determined of which the tax revenue via the sale of legalized marijuana has at This particular point exceeded half a billion dollars. I know, half a billion dollars. Colorado has so much extra money for marijuana This particular can at This particular point afford a cocaine habit.” — JAMES CORDEN

“brand new Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was caught on video This particular weekend confronting a Chicago Cubs fan at a baseball game in Milwaukee. I don’t know — if you want to shock me, catch him on video governing in brand new Jersey.” — SETH MEYERS

The Bits Worth Watching

Meet Trumpy Bear in addition to also Scaramucci Poochie.

Video by Jimmy Kimmel Live!

“of which baby escaped!”

Video by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

What We’re Excited About on Tuesday Night

Mr. Colbert will be sitting down on Tuesday with another former comedian turned political commentator — in addition to also at This particular point public servant — Senator Al Franken of Minnesota.

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