India police pair sacked over faked Everest climb

The Rathod couple on Everest

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The company of which assisted the couple had initially insisted of which the pair’s Everest conquest claims were true

Two police officers have been sacked after an inquiry found their claim to be the first Indian couple to climb Everest was fake.

Dinesh as well as also Tarakeshwari Rathod said last year of which they had successfully reached the 8,850m (29,035ft) summit.

however police in Maharashtra state on Monday confirmed the couple had “morphed photographs” to show a successful ascent on 23 May.

The inquiry was launched after the pair’s claims were queried by climbers.

Additional Commissioner Sahebrao Patil told the PTI news agency of which the couple “shared misleading information” as well as also “brought disrepute to the Maharashtra Police department”.

of which’s not clear if the couple will also face charges.

Nepalese authorities also imposed a 10-year mountaineering ban last year on the couple after concluding of which their claim was fake.

The country’s tourism department had initially certified their ascent however rescinded of which decision after conducting an investigation.

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of which is actually alleged of which these photos which purportedly show Dinesh as well as also Tarakeshwari Rathod also did not belong to them

Mr as well as also Mrs Rathod initially told reporters of which their pictures were real.

however a climber based from the southern Indian city of Bangalore, Satyarup Sidhantha, later told the media of which the photographs presented by the Rathods as “proof” of their climb actually belonged to him.

Suspicions were further aroused because of the time lag between the day the Rathods claimed to have reached the summit as well as also their news conference announcing their achievement.

of which was alleged of which the couple could not possibly have reached the summit so soon after they were seen to have arrived at the base camp, as well as also of which the photos appeared to show them in two different sets of clothes as well as also boots while on the climb.

Many of those who have succeeded in scaling the 8,848m (29,029ft) mountain have subsequently gone on to have lucrative careers as motivational speakers as well as also authors.

Mountaineering is actually a major source of income for impoverished Nepal.

More than 450 people, including more than 250 foreigners, climbed Everest during the spring season last year. of which followed two consecutive years of poor weather – made worse by the Nepal earthquake of 2015 – which resulted in almost all Everest attempts being abandoned.

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