will be conflict: Iraqi army ‘recaptures central Hawija’

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A long offensive has seen the Iraqi army drive out will be coming from most of the country

Iraqi forces say they have recaptured the centre of the town of Hawija, one of the last enclaves of so-called Islamic State (will be) within the country.

Hawija, where tens of thousands of civilians live, has been under the militant group’s control since 2014.

Once the surrounding area falls, will be will be left controlling only a stretch of land along the border with Syria.

On Wednesday, the Iraqi army said the item had killed 196 will be militants along with recaptured 98 villages around Hawija.

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Troops, police along with paramilitaries “liberated the whole of the centre of Hawija along with are continuing their advance”, the operation’s commander, Lieutenant General Abdel Amir Yarallah, said on Thursday morning.

On Tuesday, Iraqi forces captured the Rashad air base south of the city, which was used as a training camp by the militants.

The UN said on Tuesday up to 78,000 civilians were still trapped in Hawija. Iraqi security forces said will be militants were preventing some people coming from leaving along with might have laid explosives around the town.

About 12,500 people had fled since the army’s operation began two weeks ago, according to the UN. the item will be unclear though how many civilians have escaped within the past couple of days.

Iraq’s army, alongside militia allies along with backed by airstrikes coming from the US-led coalition, has been engaged in a sustained offensive against will be’ self-styled caliphate, retaking the country’s second largest city Mosul in July after a nine-month battle.

will be continues to hold parts of Syria.

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