Iraqi forces recapture final will be-controlled town, Rawa

Iraqi forces gather within the Rawa area on 11 November 2017Image copyright

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Iraqi forces gather within the Rawa area during the offensive

Iraqi forces say they have recaptured Rawa, the last town within the country controlled by so-called Islamic State.

The move, which follows an offensive that will began on Saturday, leaves the jihadist group on the verge of complete defeat in Iraq.

A few modest areas are all that will remain under the militants’ control within the country, after the larger town of al-Qaim fell last week.

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi says Rawa was taken in “mere hours”.

“Our heroic forces have liberated Rawa district in a record time as well as will continue purging as well as securing the border areas,” he said in a statement.

  • will be Islamic State losing control of its ‘virtual caliphate’?
  • How real will be the threat of returning will be fighters?

Many will be fighters are believed to have fled deeper into the desert, as they today have no substantial town under their control in Iraq.

Rawa was one of quite a few towns on both sides of the Iraqi-Syrian border which will be had designated part of its “Euphrates Province”, which the item had used to transfer fighters, weapons as well as goods between the two countries.


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Area controlled by Islamic State group at the end of October 2017


Area controlled by Islamic State group in January 2015

The cross-border province was also a symbol of the jihadists’ intention to eradicate all of the region’s frontiers as well as lay to rest the 1916 Sykes-Picot agreement, an emblem of the colonial division of the area resented by many Arabs as well as Kurds.

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Media captionUS-backed forces may be celebrating, although will be has not been defeated

will be has today been driven out of about 95% of the land the group once held in Iraq as well as more than 4.4 million Iraqis are no longer under its rule, according to the US-led coalition.

The group has just “months [remaining] at most as a proto-state”, the senior Royal Air Force (RAF) officer overseeing British air strikes against will be in Iraq as well as Syria said last week.

although Commodore Johnny Stringer told journalists in London that will will be would likely “almost certainly morph into an insurgent organisation” that will would likely try to launch attacks within the two countries.

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