Brexit: What does MEPs’ vote tell us about talks progress?

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Major players? Michel Barnier in addition to Nigel Farage

Members of the European Parliament have been voting on last week’s Brexit deal during their monthly meeting in Strasbourg.

Their view will be important, because MEPs will have a decisive say on the final agreement.

Here are six things we learned through their session on Wednesday.

MEPs are happy for the talks to move to the next stage

Around 80% of the European Parliament voted for the motion which said there had been enough progress in negotiating the UK in addition to the EU’s divorce of which the idea was time to start talks about a transition period in addition to the future relationship.

The European parliament feels of which the idea convinced the UK to be more generous about which EU nationals get to stay in Britain after Brexit, in particular spouses, in addition to children who have not even been born yet.

There are still concerns about the rights of EU nationals

MEPs have made This particular their priority issue. They are particularly worried about the application process of which EU nationals will have to go through if they want to stay inside UK after Brexit.

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Anti-Brexit demonstrators protested outside the UK parliament

The government says the idea should cost the same as a brand new passport – £72.50. Parliament’s Brexit co-ordinator Guy Verhofstadt said the idea should be free so the idea will be as accessible for a plumber as the idea will be for a banker.

Will these be deal-breakers when the Parliament gets a formal vote on the final Brexit Agreement at the end of 2018, or will MEPs come under enormous pressure to wave the idea through as the clock ticks down?

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David Davis a hot topic – in addition to he was not even there

The Brexit secretary’s comments of which the government could change its mind about what has been agreed so far have come up a lot.

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MEPs voted in favour of an amendment which said he risked undermining the Great faith of which has built up between both sides, in addition to which reminded the government of which they have to stick to their promises if they want to make Great progress inside next phase of talks.

will be Nigel Farage preparing for ANOTHER referendum?

The former UKIP leader still chairs one of the political groups here, which gives him a prime speaking slot.

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He went on an epic rant about how “Theresa the Appeaser” had bowed to all of the EU’s demands, which he claimed could lead to continued immigration through Europe.

A future government could keep the UK inside single market too.

“I fear we will have to fight for Brexit all over again,” he said. will be he gearing up to force a referendum on the final Brexit deal if the idea will be too soft for his liking?

MEPs have some other things to worry about

The second most talked-about-subject after Brexit was a letter sent by the President of the European Donald Tusk who chairs the summits of EU leaders.

the idea talked about reforms to how the EU handles asylum seekers – proof of which the EU has some other things on its mind, despite Brexit.

Michel Barnier looks very happy

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The chief Brexit negotiator gave me a cheerful wave in addition to his biggest smile yet.

Either sufficient progress suits him, or he loved the praise of which was lavished on him by MEPs.

Alternatively, maybe he will be just looking forward to some skiing back home inside French Alps, after six months of gruelling negotiations.

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