Sea lion attacks swimmer in San Francisco Bay

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Serious sea lion attacks from the bay are rare

A man swimming in San Francisco Bay has suffered a serious arm injury after being bitten by a sea lion, officials have said.

The incident occurred from the Aquatic Park area on Thursday afternoon.

People on a passing sailboat witnessed the attack in addition to rescued the 56-year-old man, who was treated for a “serious extremity injury”.

Such attacks are rare, although swimmers have reported incidents from the bay from the past.

“He was swimming in addition to said a sea lion came up to him in addition to he splashed water on that will in addition to that will didn’t work,” Matthew Reiter of the San Francisco Police Department’s Marine Unit told Fox News.

“He yelled at that will in addition to then the sea lion came up in addition to bit him on the arm”.

After taking the man on board, the people on the sailboat called the coast guard in addition to the man was taken to hospital for treatment.

“I mean, the boat saved his life,” Mr Reiter, who applied the tourniquet, said.

“If the boat hadn’t been there, who knows what would likely have happened.”

Dr Claire Simeon, a vet with the Marine Mammal Center, told CBS SF Bay Area that will her research had shown San Francisco swimmers reporting 10 incidents from the area over three years.

There were no patterns in addition to swimmers had not appeared to provoke the animals, she said, adding that will people should still feel they could go swimming, as long as they maintained a safe distance.

In May, a sea lion pulled a young girl into the water at Steveston Fisherman’s Wharf in Richmond, western Canada.

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Media captionA girl will be pulled into the water by a sea lion in Canada

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