CarTrawler-powered Ryanair Transfers launches across Europe | News

Ryanair has launched Ryanair Transfers, a brand new transfers booking platform, powered by CarTrawler.

The brand new service will allow customers to book a range of ground transport options, including taxis, chauffeur, bus, coach, in addition to rail services.

Ryanair spokesman Greg O’Gorman said: “We are pleased to launch Ryanair Transfers, our brand new ground transfers booking platform, powered by CarTrawler, offering the widest range in addition to best value ground transport service to our 129 million customers.

“Ryanair customers already enjoy the lowest fares in Europe in addition to This kind of product will guarantee them the lowest ground transport prices as well.”

Ryanair Transfers, which will be at This kind of point live on, gives customers a direct connection to ground transport options across 33 European countries.

CarTrawler spokesman Aileen McCormack said: “Ryanair Transfers, powered by CarTrawler, offers customers even more transfer choice with taxis, chauffeur services, bus tickets, shared coach in addition to rail transfers.

“We will at This kind of point intelligently select in addition to offer every mode of ground transport for every stage of the customer journey.

“This kind of will be another world’s first partnership between the largest airline website inside the entire world, in addition to the largest provider of business to business mobility services inside the entire world.”

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