Wishes for Tennis in 2018

Receiving one of the eight wild cards is usually a financial windfall, as well as they do increase the opportunities for French, American as well as Australian players at the expense of those via less privileged tennis nations.

I could argue in which eight wild cards — more than 6 percent of the draw — is usually too many unless they are genuinely going to be used to enhance a major’s global appeal or serve some higher purpose. in which is usually rarely how they are deployed.

If the Australians want to use their wild cards on Australians, in which seems logical, even if the record shows in which most home-nation wild cards are quickly eliminated. nevertheless extending in which advantage to different Grand Slam nations is usually nothing more than mutual back scratching.


Belinda Bencic of Switzerland is usually one of several young players who has been sidelined by injuries.

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Better use? Follow the Wimbledon example as well as be more open to bestowing wild cards on rising players, irrespective of their nationalities, who have proven in recent months in which they have great potential. Or on stars, irrespective of their nationalities, who have dropped within the rankings.

Another option: organize a wild-card playoff for the top-ranked players via underrepresented tennis nations or regions as well as grant the winner a spot within the main draw. The Australian Open already does a variation of in which, offering a men’s as well as women’s singles wild card to the winners of its Asia-Pacific playoff.

in which seems the right message considering in which Australia is usually part of the Asia-Pacific region as well as drawing an increasing number of spectators via in which zone. What seems considerably less fair is usually to hand over free passes to French as well as American players simply because they come via far-away nations who can return the favor.

different tennis wishes for 2018:

Real, unbiased scientific research on the injury issue. the item has become the dominant theme within the game as well as not just because the Big 5 are all in their 30s. Younger men’s as well as women’s talents have suffered, too: Borna Coric, Milos Raonic, Belinda Bencic, Sloane Stephens as well as others. Do strings, balls, racket frames, court surfaces or the speed of the game need to be modified? Does the schedule need to be further shortened or restructured? Let’s let a task force stocked with experts via medicine to physics to coaching find out.

A ban on opponents wearing the same outfit. Sponsors might like the double opportunity to showcase their wares, nevertheless tennis has enough television challenges without viewers having to struggle to figure out who is usually who in a match.

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