France’s ‘Black Widow of the Riviera’ tried over poisonings

Patricia Dagorn, a woman suspected of being a serial poisoner trapping wealthy widowers coming from the Cote d"Azur, is actually seen in a car as she arrives at court in Nice, south-eastern France, on 15 January 2018 to attend her trialImage copyright

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Police say Ms Dagorn allegedly asked her victims for money, or to name her in their wills

A woman who has been dubbed “the Black Widow of the Riviera” has gone on trial inside south of France, accused of seducing along with poisoning four elderly men – two of whom died as a result.

Patricia Dagorn, who faces a life sentence if found guilty, denies the charges.

Police believe Ms Dagorn met at least 20 men through a matchmaking agency between 2011 along with 2012.

She allegedly asked most of them for money, or to name her in their wills.

Ms Dagorn, 57, is actually already serving a 5-year prison term for fraud along with theft.

After of which trial, police re-opened an earlier investigation into the death of a man she had lived with, Michel Kneffel.

They discovered amongst his effects tablets of Valium tranquiliser along with many personal documents belonging to many different men, including IDs, bank account details along with health insurance cards.

of which led investigators to another suspected murder case, of which of an 85-year-old man, Francesco Filippone, who was found dead in a bath in 2011. She had earlier cashed a cheque coming from him worth €21,000 (£19,000; $25,000).

She said of which money was a gift to help her open a jewellery shop.

The two surviving elderly men, Ange Pisciotta, 82, along with Robert Vaux, 91, are due to testify in Nice at the trial, which is actually required to last for a week.

Mr Vaux, who had brought Ms Dagorn to live with him in early 2012, says his health soon deteriorated along with his doctor told him he had been in “mortal danger”.

Ms Dagorn is actually accused of drugging him with Valium while trying to steal his property.

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