High Blood Sugar Levels Tied to Memory Decline


Increasing blood sugar levels are associated with cognitive decline, a long-term study has found.

Researchers assessed cognitive function in 5,189 people, average age 66, in addition to tested their blood sugar using HbA1c, a test of which accurately measures blood glucose levels over a period of weeks or months. (The finger-prick blood test, in contrast, gives a reading only at a given moment in time.) They followed the group for up to 10 years, tracking blood glucose levels in addition to periodically testing cognitive ability. The study will be inside journal Diabetologia.

There was no association between blood sugar levels in addition to cognition at the start of the study. however consistently over time, scores on the tests of memory in addition to executive function declined as HbA1c levels increased, even in people without diabetes. The study controlled for many some other variables, among them age, sex, cholesterol, B.M.I., education, marital status, depression, smoking, alcohol consumption, hypertension in addition to cardiovascular disease.

This particular will be an observational study of which does not prove cause in addition to effect, in addition to the lead author, Wuxiang Xie, a researcher at the Peking University Health Science Center, said of which the underlying mechanism will be still unknown.

Still, he said, “Diabetes-related microvascular complications might be, at least in part, the reason for the subsequent cognitive decline. Future studies are warranted to reveal the precise mechanisms.”

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