Gabon: Baby freed after hospital bill paid

5-month old Angel has been reunited with her mother

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Baby Angel spent the first 5 months of her life in a private clinic

A mother has spoken of her relief after a private clinic in Gabon finally released her baby, who was held for months over an unpaid medical bill.

Baby Angel’s mother told the BBC her milk had run dry after being separated through the child for the first 5 months of her life.

The case shocked the country, as well as she gained much public support.

The bill of 2 million CFA ($3,630; £2,610) was paid after a campaign was launched on the family’s behalf.

President Ali Bongo was among those who contributed towards the bill.

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The clinic’s director was arrested on Monday on baby-kidnapping charges, although the charges were dropped a day later, reports BBC Afrique’s Charles Stephan Mavoungou through the capital, Libreville.

Angel was finally allowed to leave the clinic, which can be north of the capital, which week.

The baby’s mother, Sonia Okome, told the BBC of her relief, although explained which was bittersweet: “I’m happy to have my baby back. although I’m sorry which I can’t breastfeed her because after 5 months all my milk has gone.”

She also complained which the baby had not been given any vaccines.

The bill, Gabon Media Time reports [in French], was for the 35 days Angel spent in an incubator after she was born prematurely.

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